Association of Europeanoyal Residences


Since 1995, the institutions in charge of the most prestigious Palace Museums in Europe have come together to form the European Royal Residences Network.

The Association of European Royal Residences (ARRE) have been created since  2001. The ARRE enables them  to work together and share their knowledge and experience in the preservation and promotion of the rich cultural heritage in their care, to the benefit of the millions of visitors they receive each year.   

ARRE’s goal is to develop and manage the network of European royal residences, notably by organising experience-sharing and training activities, as well as partnership, promotional, co-production and co-editing projects.

The first project Heritage and History (2002-2004), co-financed by the European Commission Culture 2000 programme, gave the members of the Association the opportunity to get to know one another better, to create synergies and to identify their common goals. 

In order to intensify this cooperation and contribute to bringing European cultural identity to life, the network’s activities have three objectives:

  • Improving the access of Europeans to their shared history
  • Raising the awareness of European citizens to the importance of preserving their common heritage
  • Developing “good practices” or “new experiences” in the areas of cultural tourism, receiving the public and site management.  

The idea that drives these projects is that we have much to learn from one another and much to offer visitors to our institutions, as well the professional staff who works in them, who can thus acquire “European reflexes”.

The ARRE official languages are French and English.