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Micro-Folie: preparatory meeting

As voted during the last GA, the Network of European Royal Residences will participate to the Micro-Folie project by the creation of a virtual gallery of European Masterpieces accessible for the visitors of all the Micro-Folie in the world.

In order to develop this new project within our network, a meeting has been organized on October 12th, 2018 at the Micro-Folie of Sevran. Located in the Nortern suburbs of Paris, the Micro-Folie of Sevran was the 1st site opened by La Villette. Today we count more than 15 Micro-Folie in  6 countries and La Villette plan to open more than 60 new Micro-Folie in all the world for 2019 (Japan, Mexico, Egypt, etc)

The purposes of this meetings were to:

  • Discover what a Micro– Folie is by visiting the site of Sevran.
  • Brainstorming about the Gallery of European Royal Residences
  • Meet the team of Micro- Folie in order to define the next steps of the project and the technical information about the creation of the gallerie.

Find the minutes in attach to see the conclusions of the meeting.

To read more about the project: http://www.europeanroyalresidences.eu/micro-folie/