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Trotting along the banks of history, on top of a saddle, the Network of European Royal Residences invites everyone to encounter a heritage which has shaped the lives of kings, queens, knights and peasants. Horsing around European Courts is the second joint European project by the Network, developed within the framework of the 2024 Olympic Games’ equestrian competitions hosted at the Palace of Versailles. Highlighting horses and the equestrian arts is a way to tell the story of royal residences from an original point of view, establishing them as an essential part of tangible and intangible European heritage.


European Agenda

To see the whole agenda, click on : https://openagenda.com/en/horsing-around-european-courts

European Documentary Ressources

Professionals of European Royal Residences work since years about horses and the equestrian arts. Famous paintings, stables as architectural monument, place and uses of the horses in the European Royal Courts, etc. Discover below the existing ressources.