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Re-opening of Paleis Het Loo !

The Palace of Fredensborg, winner of an European Heritage Award/ Europa Nostra Award 2021

The Fredensborg Palace (Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces)  is a winner of an European Heritage Award/ Europa Nostra Award 2021 in the category  "Conservation" with its project of gardens's restoration !!! Support the Palace voting for the Public Choice Award until 5th  September 2021 !!

Join the Early Music Day on 21th March !

The European Network of Ancient Music (REMA) coordinates for the 9th time in a row the  Early Music Day on 21th March 2021, day of the Spring solstice and birth date of Johann Sebastian Bach ! The Early Music Day is a celebration of more than a millennium of music, through concerts, events, and happenings taking place simultaneously across Europe. To join the event or to get more info, click here : 

“4 seasons in the gardens” – A serie of 12 webinars !

The Royal Palace in Warsaw launches a serie of 12 webinars on Garden Art ! During 1 year, through the seasons, meet the European experts who will talk about Historic Gardens during free and online conferences ! Register now !

Call for papers: Maintaining the Presence of the Prince, Management of Royal Geographies

Participate as speaker to the international symposium "Presence of the Prince: Management of Royal Geographies (XIVth-XIXth Centuries)" which will be held at the Palace of Versailles from 15th to 17th September 2021 ! Send your call for papers (in French or in English) before November 23rd 2020. All information here :   

Application of the EPICO method at SPSG

From Monday 24th to Friday 28th September, the EPICO team of the Palace of Versailles is in Germany  to apply the EPICO method in Sanssouci Palace. After Versailles, La Venaria Reale, the Museum of King Jan III in Wilanow and Parques de Sintra-Monte da Lua, SPSG is the 5th member of the Network to benefit from the EPICO expertise !  

New Social Media for the Network !

The Network of European Royal Residences is now on Linkedin and Flickr ! Follow us to keep informed about the activities of the Network !!




Maria Kiseleva

The Peterhof State Museum Reserve, Russia

Maria Kiseleva

(about her mobility in 2019)  I visited and studied a number of Museum exhibitions SPSG, and other museums (Barberini, Museum island, Potsdam Palace of history, etc.). This allowed me to get new visual impressions and learn new technological know-how for the design of the exhibition, which I will be able to apply in my work in Peterhof museum. In addition to professional skills, the internship allowed me to develop communicative skills, gain experience with colleagues, develop language skills.

Danilo Forleo

Palace of Versailles, France
Head of EPICO programme

Danilo Forleo

Thanks to the Network, the preventive conservation team of the Palace of Versailles has succeeded to create links with other European Royal Residences. A partnership around the specific and common theme of preventive conservation of the collections in Historic Houses has  been developed: EPICO (European Protocole in Preventive Conservation). A synergy that pushed forward the research in this field, enhanced our debates by allowing us to meet 150 colleagues representing 16 countries in Europe at the international symposium in 2017.

Ian Tocher

Historic Royal Palaces, United Kingdom
Garden Nursery Manager

Ian Tocher

The visit (at Het Loo Paleis, in the frame of the Mobility Program) was good for strengthening links between the two palace’s garden departments. I think there could be the opportunity for further exchanges, as there are so many similarities between these two William and Mary gardens. I also discussed with the garden curator and head of education the exciting possibility of helping to organize a garden-related education workshop at Het Loo in the near future.

Joana Amaral

Parques de Sintra-Monte da Lua, Portugal
Responsible for preventive conservation and storages

Joana Amaral

The Technical Meeting Open Storages at Wilanow was the best opportunity to exchange experiences, learn about other projects and share new information about the practical aspects of museum storages. Having the advantage of meeting colleagues personally allowed all the participants to strengthen some old contacts and build new ones. It was a treat to be guided to a visit at the visible storages by the team involved in the project. As a museum Professional I find these meetings very rewarding.


Magdalena Lewna

The Royal Lazienki Museum in Warsaw, Poland
Head of Education Department

Magdalena Lewna

The 2017 Meeting held at the Royal Lazienki Museum was devoted to education, one of the pillars of  royal residences. 35 experts whose day-to-day tasks involve developing educational programmes, discussed modern education practices. The central theme was the role that we, the museum educators play in shaping the offer of modern cultural institutions, and how we cooperate with different departments. It was an amazing and inspiring meeting, and a good starting point to even closer and more concrete cooperation. We ought to take care for our relations, the flow of inspirations, competences and experiences between us, and put together a development programme based on our study visits, seminaries and online webinars.