Association of Europeanoyal Residences

You are invited to tour the finest royal stately homes in Europe. Many European sovereigns were outstanding builders. Palaces and royal residences have now opened their doors to savour their history.

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General Assembly, Wilanów, Poland


The ARRE General Assembly will take place in the Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów on 21th and 22th May, 2015.

Technical meeting “Research and royal residences”


This technical meeting was held at the Palace of Versailles Research Centre (France). Its aims were to discuss the current state of affairs in research at ARRE member institutions: resources, access to resources, topics covered, current and upcoming projects, form and dissemination of research, partnership with other institutions, strengths and weaknesses, funding and to envisage joint projects between members.

Minutes of the Technical Meeting

Technical meeting “Refurnishing Palaces and Castles”


This technical meeting which was held at the Château de Chambord (France), lies within the scope of an overall reflection on the refurbishment of the rooms of the castle (decor and furniture) over the centuries.

This initiative is part of a strategic development project that will last from 2014 to 2019. It is a matter of finding the balance between the purely architectural significance of the monument and the way it was used by royal and then by princely residents in the course of its history.

Minutes of the Technical Meeting