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Water Engineering and Conservation in Royal Garden

La Granja de San Ildefonso (Segovia) perfectly represents how the essential links between human beings and water go beyond physiological needs and have left their mark on the history of humanity and on the cultural model we have inherited, especially in very complex places as Royal Residences. Moreover, 2024 is the year of the celebrations of the third centenary of La Granja and the choice of this venue by Patrimonio Nacional is motivated by the launch of the restoration project of one of the most emblematic fountains of the gardens and the enhancement of the original hydraulic system of the 18th century.

The subject of “Water Engineering and Conservation in Royal Gardens” is at the heart of the current policy of Patrimonio Nacional and, to address the subject in detail, a TM about that topic has been warmly supported by the General Assembly of the Network. A 1st technical meeting on Hydraulic Systems was held in 2019, but today important challenges related to climate change, significantly affect our lives and our environment. This is why is important to lead a collective reflection to bequeath our heritage to future generations in the best possible condition. Thus, this meeting will primarily focus on:

* the conservation and maintenance works carried out in natural areas, considering parameters such as water consumption and fire prevention, which makes it necessary to propose improvements in irrigation efficiency with studies to reduce water consumption

*  the importance of the presence and/or use of water as a way to qualify landscaped spaces and monumental environments, modifying their aesthetic, recreational, landscape, or simply functional aspects (considering the relationship between water and traditional irrigation and water use systems linked to historic landscapes and gardens).

* new solutions to face the climatic conditions of our environment and the possibility of planting more resistant species

* the impact on the public’s visit where the presence of water is an intrinsic part of its heritage value.