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A Place at the Royal Table is a cooperative European project developed by the Network of European Royal Residences for the European Year of Cultural Heritage. In 2018, the most prestigious Royal Palaces Museums in Europe work together in order to raise awareness of European heritage, its values and its protection, for future generations. A Place at The Royal Table aims to improve education about European cultural heritage, build trust, nurture relationships across national borders, and create bridges between cultures.

21 Institutions
offering a large variety of participatory
activities focusing on
food culture and culinary

addressed to millions of visitors across
12 European countries.

“In 2018 we invite our visitors to share our
heritage and cultivate the future.
Through programs for our millions of visitors,
we want to raise awareness about the culinary
traditions of European Courts.”

Activities developed at the national levels

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Discover the first virtual exhibition gathering collections from 13 royal residences of 8 European countries. Created through the Google Cultural Institute platform, this exhibition is an opportunity to discover European cultural heritage through the gastronomy and culinary traditions that contribute to the culture of each country.

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Common events across Europe

European Open-Air Event
June 23, 2018

Instagram Photo Contest
From June 23 to August 23 2018

July 19, 2018

European Dinner
December 10, 2018

Master Class on Social Media
May 23-24, 2019

Showcase A Place at the Royal Table
September 26-27, 2019

European agenda

To see the whole agenda, click on : https://openagenda.com/a-place-at-the-royal-table


Co-funded by the Creative Europe
Programme of the European Union