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Preventive Conservation in Historic Houses and Palace-Museums: Assessment Methodologies and Applications

2017 An unprecedented international symposium

A large international symposium broadcasted the results of the EPICO program from November 29th through December 1st, 2017. Organised at the Palace of Versailles in the new auditorium  created by Dominique Perrault, this meeting aimed to provide unprecedented insight into preventive conservation of historic houses. Internationally renowned museum and conservation professionals presented the findings of three years of research, including an assessment of degradation factors on collections, a comparative analysis of twenty-one existing preventive conservation methods and the testing of five of those methods, carried out at the Palace of Versailles, Wilanów Palace, and Pitti Palace.

During three days, more than 170 people attended the conference sessions, the round tables, the visits and the cocktail. This was a unique opportunity to bring scientists, palace-museum staff and the owners of historic houses together; this symposium also aimed to develop an international network for the exchange of knowledge on preventive conservation.


The symposium was structured around three themes

  1. Collections and risk evaluation: methodology and application – Wednesday, 29th November 2017
  2. Moving from evaluation to planning: how to implement preventive conservation, led by historic-site professionals (presentations and round-table discussions) – Thursday, 30th November 2017
  3. Science applied to preventive conservation of collections in situ: an essential aid for diagnostic purposes and conservation actions Friday, 1st December 2017

Five round table discussions, three networking lunches and special visits have been organised, as well as a cocktail at the Palace of Versailles. These instances provided many opportunities for exchange and learning within the very spaces that represent a challenge for the preventive conservation of collections.

Thanks to the support of the French Ministry for Culture and Communication, the conference has been held in French and English, with simultaneous translation.


A reference book 

📘Following the symposium, conference proceedings have been realized. They gather 48 articles devoted to themes such as evaluation of collections, risk management, science applied to preventive conservation of collections, research issues, climate, light, works, building, maintenace of collections and so on.The publication can be downloaded (EN/FR) on the website of the Network of European Royal Residences for free ! Click here

📷 To see or see again the pictures of the events, go on Flickr ! 

Preventive conservation in Historic Houses and Palace-Museums, Assessment methodologies and applications


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