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9th EDITION – Palace Day 2024

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Horsing around! Put on your helmet and cinch your saddle as we will be trotting around the courts for the 9th edition of Palace Day on July 19, 2024!

The theme of horses and equestrian arts is a way to tell the story of royal residences from an original point of view !  Horses are so integral to the culture and society of royal residences that they can often be found outside of their stables and inside the palace walls in paintings, sculptures and decorations. Their presence can manifest in many other ways: carriages which transported members of court from A to B, riding costumes, and musical compositions for carrousels.  Stables form part of our architectural heritage, often being material extensions of a monarch’s power. Nowadays, stables, might still be used to house horses, but have oftentimes been transformed to include other functions such as housing collections or changed to restaurants.

This Palace Day is part of the joint project “Horsing around European Courts” developed by the Network of European Royal Residences within the frame of the Olympic Games 2024 !


This July 19 2024, we therefore invite the public, palaces, museums and all cultural institutions to discover the tales of horses, whether in quiet museum halls or grand royal stables, in the palaces of Europe and around the world.


Download the official presentation document to find more information about this edition !

As each year, you can join the event by following the @Palace_day account on Twitter and @PalaceDay account on Instagram and by sharing your best pictures of royal residences on July 19th !