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Technical Meeting /  How to cope in the COVID crises?


Due to the Covid 19 crisis, the initial theme of the technical meeting (overtourism) has been modified to adapt to the situation. Consequently, the next technical meeting will be dedicated to the reaction of the Royal Residences in front of the crisis and about their strategies for the next months and years.


With the growing infections in many European countries,  the face-to-face meeting has been canceled for security reasons. However, we all remain convinced on the importance of sharing experiences and good practices about this unprecedented situation, before having the possibility to meet again in 2021. It is why a questionnaire has been sent to ech member of the Network in order to work on a common compendium of best practices of the European Royal Residences during the Covid Crisis. The sending of this compendium will be  followed by a videoconference discussion on 14th December in order to share  experiences.


Official announcement:
The global Coronavirus crisis has had, and will have, an unprecedented impact on museums all over the world.
In order to better understand the situation over the past months and compare different approaches in Europe, the Network of European Royal Residences organizes a technical meeting with the aim of discussing the challenges that Royal Residences are facing (overall / worldwide travel restrictions and thus a shortfall of international tourists, budget restrictions etc.) and share the good practices and recommendations for middle/long-term strategy.

The meeting will focus on 3 main points:
1. How the situation was managed
2. Condition of re-opening (How make visitors spaces fit for crises, creation of new offers for local target groups)
3. Long terms strategies and financial model

Expected participants are various: general managers, strategic managers, marketing managers, tourism development managers, etc. The Covid crises impacted all the fields of activity of the Royal Residences and all trades are concerned.